Hyundai SeasAll Sets Performance & Economy Benchmarks

 The first new build install of a Hyundai SeasAll S250 marine diesel has been installed into an AMF 720 Pro Sport in Tauranga, New Zealand.

The boat, built for a repeat AMF customer and is the first 720 Pro Sport built with a diesel sterndrive.

The boat is to be used extensively off the Tauranga Coast, and even going as far as Waihau Bay on the upper East Coast, and will be used primarily for game fishing, trolling and bottom fishing. Since being launched in early January, the boat and engine has accumulated 46 hours of running time and used an average of 10L/hr of fuel.

The S250 Hyundai SeasAll marine diesel powers the 720 Pro Sport to 37 knots @3800rpm and using just 37.8L/H. At a trolling speed of around 6.5knots @1000rpm, the S250 Hyundai SeasAll consumes 2.5L/H of diesel.

The Hyundai SeasAll S250, is a 3.0L V6 Common Rail diesel and produces 250hp @3800rpm and 490nm of torque @ 2500rpm. On the 720 Pro Sport it is coupled with a MerCruiser Bravo III sternleg.

Brian Collings of AMF Boats says the acceleration and power to weight ratio of the Hyundai S250 is and is one of the most impressive attributes of the engine.

“The figures are certainly the best I’ve seen for quite sometime, the engine is very lightweight and delivers great torque and power right through the rev range. There’s certainly no turbo lag from when you put the throttle down, the power comes on very quickly,” says Collings.

“I had a feeling that the engine would be good, but it has definitely exceeded my expectations. There is a lot of useable power right through the rev range, the customer couldn’t be happier.”

“We’ve powered a lot of boats over the years with a lot of different engines, both diesel and petrol outboard, with the ease of the actual install itself on this boat, and all these great numbers we’re seeing, we’ll definitely be looking at installing another engine into another AMF boat soon.”

Hyundai SeasAll Business Development Manager, Mark Harrison says the AMF 720/S250 results were very pleasing and matched all expectations.

“At the core of Hyundai SeasAll’s diesel technology is performance, fuel efficiency and reliability. We expected this boat and engine combination to set some performance benchmarks and to become a class leader, it certainly has delivered,” says Harrison.

“With its impressive power to weight ratio and fuel efficiency the new Hyundai SeasAll S250 is a motor that is going to suit a wide variety of applications from recreational to light commercial.”

“We see reliability, performance and fuel efficiency being a key factor in attracting users to Hyundai SeasAll. The Hyundai brand has an enviable reputation for innovation, quality and reliability and this is clearly flowing through to the marine division.”

Harrison says the availability of fuel at wharfs is a contributing factor in people’s decisions to use diesel engines in vessels.

“For boaties who are wishing to venture further a-field then a diesel inboard is a very good option, particularly when you look at the availability of petrol on wharfs, and there are obvious safety advantages of using diesel. What’s more, you get excellent economy without sacrificing performance.” 

Currently there are two engine series in the Hyundai SeasAll range, the V6 S-Series and the four-cylinder D-Series, with more engines to join the range later in the year. 

Engine Specifications 
Model: S250
Output: 250hp @3800rpm
Torque: 490nm @ 2500rpm
Cylinders: V6
Displacement: 2959cc
Turbocharger: Electric Variable Geometry Turbine (E-VGT)
Bore: 84mm
Stroke: 89mm
Compression ratio: 17.5:1
Injection: Common Rail Direct Injection (Piezo injector)
Alternator: 150A
Weight: 334kg

Performance Figures 
RPM Knots LPH 
680 4.4 1.3 
1000 6.5 2.5 
1500 8.9 7.9 
2000 13.4 15.5 
2500 21.8 20.4 
3000 29.1 26.9 
3500 34.7 33.0 
3800 37.0 37.8

AMF 720 Pro Sport
LOA: 7.5m
Beam: 2.45m
Deadrise: 18.5 Deg
Hull: 6mm
Sides: 5mm
Transom: 5mm
Hull Weight: 1400kg
Towing Weight: 2500kg