S270 HP Engine


SeasALL's mighty 3.0 litre V6 turbocharged Common Rail Direct injection (CRDi) engine has been improved and now delivers a phenomenal 270HP of power and colossal torque of 565Nm.

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The S270 features leading edge diesel technologies for a quieter, cleaner, greener, meaner inboard engine.

Technical Descriptions

• Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) cylinder block
• Aluminum head
• Nine balance weight crankshaft
• Oil cooled pistons
• V6, 24-valve DOHC
• Hydraulic lash adjusters
• Integrated water jacket
• Low noise duplex timing chain
• Hydraulic timing chain tensioner
• Single serpentine belt system
• Drive belt auto tensioner

Engine Mounting
• Adjustable engine mounts Lubrication System
• Easily exchangeable oil filter cartridge
• Electric oil extraction pump
• Seawater cooled oil cooler
• Chain drive engine oil pump

 Fuel System
• Common rail direct injection (CRDi)-Piezo injectors
• Fuel filter with sensor detecting water in fuel
• Electric low pressure pump
• Dual pressure control valve
• Low and high pressure fuel pumps

Electrical System
•12 volt system and 150A alternator
• Auxiliary engine stop button
• Glow plugs for a trouble-free cold start
• NMEA2000 Converter (Optional)
• 2 Pole system (Optional)
• Electronic control system (Optional)

Cooling System
• Seawater pump driven directly from the camshaft • Seawater cooled intercooler, heat exchanger
• Auxiliary connector for cabin heating
• Corrosion resistant material for seawater circuit

 Engine Operating Indicator (EOI)
• Engine self protection and diagnosis
• Displays CAN information
• Displays engine diagnostic error codes
• Audible alarm and control lamps

Air Inlet system
• Oil wetted and reusable air filter
• Intake silencer (Optional)

Exhaust System
• Engine coolant cooled exhaust manifold
• Seawater cooled exhaust elbow
• Seawater cooled Hi-Riser (Optional)

• E-VGT, Electronic Variable Geometry Turbo

Noise Level
• 69.9dB (Ref. RCD Standard 75dB)

• EPA Tier 3, IMO Tier 2 and RCD compliant

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