H-10 380HP Engine


This modern, electronically controlled design delivers 380HP and 1667Nm of torque from the 10 liter in-line 6 cylinder engine

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The H engine is rated for Heavy Duty and takes Hyundai SeasAll into a new dimension with the ability to serve the professional and commercial markets.

The broad flat torque curve proves Hyundai SeasAll's diesel development capabilities are world-class and beats performance of competition's comparable models.

Technical Description


• 6 Cyclinder in-line, 24 valve OHC

One-piece Compacted Graphite • Iron (CGI) cyclinder block

• Gallary oil-cooled long lasting          mono steel pistons.
• Integrated water jacket
• Single serpentine belt system
• Drive belt auto tensioner

Air Inlet System
• Reusable air filter
• Intake Extension Kit (Optional)
• Fuel System
• Electronic Unit Injector (EUI)
• Gear-driven fuel pump
• Electronically controlled injection     timing
• Fine fuel filter and water separator

Electrical System
• 24 volt - 70A alternator
• Auxiliary engine stop button

• Air heating system for a trouble-       free cold start
• NMEA 2000 Converter (Optional)
• 2 Pole system (Optional)

Cooling system
• Gear-driven seawater pump

• Seawater-cooled intercooler, heat  exchanger
• Auxiliary connector for cabin heating
• Corrosion resistant material for seawater circuit
• Easily accessible seawater impeller pump

Engine Mounting
• Adjustable engine mounts (Optional)

Lubrication System
• Easily exchangable oil filter cartidge

• Integrated oil-cooler in cyclinder block
• Closed system with forced feeding
• Eco type oil filter
• Electric oil extraction pump
• Gear drive engine oil pump

Instrument Box Assembly
• Engine self-protection and diagnosis

• Displays CAN information
• Displays engine diagnostics error codes
• Audible alarm and control lamps
• Idle & PTO rpm adjustable switch.

Exhaust System
• Cast Iron exhaust pipe
• E-VGT (Electric Variable Geometry Turbocharger)

• IMO NOx {EIAPP} Compliant

Type Approval
• RINA Classification Society 

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