Introducing the Hyundai SeasA ll G-series engine.

The G7 engine is an inline 6-cylinder 6.8L 300-350hp engine, which will sit in the middle of our current range of diesel inboard marine engines. 

Two variants are available, a light-duty commercial producing a peak of 300hp at 2800rpm and heavy-duty commercial producing a peak of 300hp at 2500rpm, ideal for workboats and recreational boats

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Download the Hyundai G Series 350HP engine brochure

Technical Desriptions

• 6 cylinder in-line, 24 valve OHC
• Compacted Graphic Iron block and head
• Gallery oil-cooled long lasting mono steel pistons
• Integrated water jacket
• Single serpentine belt system
• Drive belt auto tensioner

Air Inlet system
• Reusable air filter Fuel System
• Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI)
- Solenoid injector with 2,000 bar
• Gear-driven fuel pump
• Electronically controlled injection timing
• Fine fuel filter and water separator

Engine Mounting
• Adjustable engine mounts (Optional)

 Electrical System
• 24 volt - 70A alternator
• Auxiliary engine stop button
• Air heating system for a trouble-free cold start
• NMEA2000 Converter (Optional)

Cooling System
• Gear-driven seawater pump
• Seawater-cooled intercooler, heat exchanger
• Auxiliary connector for cabin heating
• Corrosion resistant material for seawater circuit
• Easily accessible seawater impeller pump

Lubrication System
• Easily exchangeable oil filter cartridge
• Integrated oil-cooler in cylinder block
• Closed system with forced feeding
• Eco type oil filter
• Electric oil extraction pump
• Gear drive engine oil pump

 Engine Operating Indicator (EOI)
• Engine self-protection and diagnosis
• Displays CAN information
• Displays engine diagnostic error codes
• Audible alarm and control lamps
• Idle & PTO rpm adjustable switch

Exhaust System
• Aluminium exhaust pipe
• E-WGT (Electric Waste Gate Turbocharger)

• IMO Tier II