First Hyundai SeasAll powerplants hit New Zealand waters

The first of Hyundai SeasAll’s highly developed range of powerful Common Rail diesel marine engines have been installed in New Zealand.

The first Hyundai SeasAll S250 marine diesel was installed into Half Way Bay Station’s workboat near Queenstown, in November. The project, a re-power, was undertaken by Queenstown Marine - the first appointed Hyundai SeasAll dealer in New Zealand.

The boat, a 7m-alloy hardtop is primarily used by Halfway Bay Station for transporting goods and staff around the expansive property on Lake Wakatipu, which has no road access. 

The new engine, the Hyundai SeasAll S250, is a 3.0L V6 Common Rail diesel and produces 250hp and 490nm of torque at 3800rpm and delivers the power through a MerCruiser Bravo II sternleg. 

 In making the choice of installing a Hyundai S250 into the craft, station Manager Gerry Kennedy says the end decision was easy and down to Hyundai’s international reputation for quality and reliability.

“Years of Hyundai’s cutting-edge R&D was pretty hard to go by,” says Kennedy.

“Reliability was a key factor in installing the S250 into the boat. On the lake, reliability is a must, for not only when we’re transporting staff and equipment, but also families. Hyundai has a world class reputation for the reliability of their products which was very reassuring when we purchased.”

Kennedy says that the new performance of the boat from the Hyundai S250 was quite noticeable and has since transformed the boat.

“As soon as you put the boat into gear there is a smooth supply of power with more low down torque than we can use even with 200kg of fuel, 8 people and gear. The performance with a load was similar to when I would be using the boat by myself with the old power plant.”

“There is more useable power right from when you engage it into drive, and then right through the rev range. It’s a lot quieter as well, the V6 configuration is just superb – I really didn’t think the improvement would be this good!”

Kennedy went onto say that the engine fits the boat’s purpose perfectly and delivers the need for performance as well as reliability.

“Lake Wakatipu can be pretty rough at the best of times, it’s very reassuring to have all of that power on tap. Turbo lag is zero, and we’ve found that the boat is a lot more responsive particularly when negotiating the sharp chop on the lake.”

Kennedy estimates that his fuel savings with the new Hyundai SeasAll power plant installed is quite significant. 

“We’re now saving 15L per hour in diesel. The fuel economy is really quite amazing, with a cruising speed of 27mph @ 3000rpm and 2 people onboard we are using 21 l/h, fully loaded with passengers and gear we’re using 24l/h. The Hyundai motor out performs our previous motor on all levels.”

 Hyundai SeasAll Business Development Manager, Mark Harrison said the initial performance results from the Half Way Bay Station repower were pleasing and to be expected. 

“New Zealand boaties are looking for premium quality, efficient and cost-effective alternative marine engines – Hyundai SeasAll fits the bill exactly. Just as it has done with cars, SUVs and vans, Hyundai is aiming to become one of the world’s leading marine engine manufacturers.”

Harrison says selecting the right dealers as business partners has been very important for the brand. 

“Our dealers are integral to the success of the Hyundai SeasAll brand and we have been quite selective as we put together a nationwide network. Queenstown Marine is our first dealer in Australasia, and we are very pleased to have them onboard.” 

Shane Johnston of Queenstown Marine, Australasia’s first Hyundai SeasAll dealer, said he was very pleased with the ease of the Hyundai SeasAll repower project and is happy to have the brand onboard with the company.

“Hyundai SeasAll has placed great emphasis on reliability, superb fuel efficiency and lowering emissions, this S250 is a true testament to that. The install was very straightforward and coupling the S250 to a new MerCruiser Bravo II leg was very simple,” says Shane Johnston of Queenstown Marine.

A second Hyundai SeasAll S250 is currently being installed into a new AMF 7.2m Hardtop in Mt Maunganui.

“The Half Way Bay boat is quite a commercial craft. We are excited to see the new AMF 7.2m hit the water with an identical Hyundai SeasAll S250 installed, coupled with a Bravo III sternleg. We expect this boat to set performance benchmarks,” says Harrison.