Technology exists to serve people

The ultimate mission of the marine engine is to ensure absolute safety and comfort levels for people on board. Every system and component should serve to fulfill this mission. Hyundai Powertrain Technology has some of the world’s best performance and quality standards with its proven range of inboard marine diesel engines.

 Hyundai’s design and technology has been proven in the automotive sector and is now available in a range of marine diesel engines. We introduce to you some of the most reliable, clean, fuel efficient, quiet and lightweight diesel marine engines. The all new Hyundai SeasAll diesel marine engines are available in sterndrive, shaftdrive and waterjet.

Full line up of class-leading diesel engines

Hyundai Motor Company's state-of-the-art diesel engines have been used to complete a full line-up of marine diesel engines. 

Key features include:

                                                • Superb diesel fuel efficiency
                                                • Power and endurance with Hyundai's third generation common rail systems
                                                • Compact, quiet and light weight
                                                • Compacted graphite iron (CGI) cylinder block
                                                • Electronic variable geometry turbocharger
                                                • Advanced engine control unit
                                                • Timeless reliability and quality assurance
                                                • Designed for the environment