Hyundai SeasAll Repowers Delivering Owners Economy, Performance and Reliability

 When it came to re-powering his 27ft Bayliner Ciera, the search for economy, performance and reliability led Jet Lawrence straight to a Hyundai SeasAll S250.

Doing most of his cruising in and around the Marlborough Sounds and the notorious Cook Strait, Mr Lawrence says the new Hyundai SeasAll S250 has met all of his expectation and more.

“I really wanted to make the switch from a petrol to a diesel, as I was looking for better fuel economy, increased reliability and performance. I had a feeling there would be a vast improvement from the previous engine, but I didn’t think it would be this good,” says Lawrence

The boat was previously powered by a 5.7L carburetted V8 Petrol engine that according to Lawrence was notoriously bad on fuel economy.

“With the petrol engine at 22 knots it would use around 80lph. Now with the diesel we’re using just 24lph at the same speed. I can even cruise faster now at higher speeds, such as 27 knots and I’m only using 31.5lph.”

 Lawrence says the new Hyundai SeasAll S250 has also given him increased peace of mine, particularly when making the journey across Cook Strait from the marina at Mana, over to the Marlborough Sounds.

“The Hyundai’s reputation for reliability gives great peace of mind, not only are we more confident in making the trip safely, but we can do it faster too.”

Another customer delighted with his new Hyundai SeasAll is Paul Harvey who has re-powered his 2152 Trophy with the 2.2L Hyundai SeasAll D170S.

Used for game fishing, the boat now uses just 5.8L of diesel per hour at 6.5knots @ 1500rpm. At a cruise speed of 24.3knots @ 3000rpm the boat is using 20.3lph.

“The original engine was a MerCruiser 1.7L diesel producing 120hp. I found that it had to work too hard to power the boat, so I choose a bigger horsepower engine, the Hyundai SeasAll D170S to repower it, as well as a new Bravo I sterndrive,” says Harvey.

“It has completely transformed the boat. I’ve knocked 800rpm off my cruise speed, and the boat now has fantastic low down power out of the hole and mid range, it’s fantastic to have that on hand particularly when doing bar crossings. I loved the boat before, I love it even more now.”

Allpower Marine Business Development Manager, Mark Harrison says the modern and efficient Hyundai SeasAll range makes them ideal for the re-power market.

“Ease of installation and ease of service, coupled with performance and economy gains are major selling points with these engines. In times where people aren’t buying new boats, a simple repower will transform their craft into a much more economic and powerful vessel.”

Allpower Marine offers a full range of in board diesel engines including the new 1.6L 125hp engine that will be available in both inboard and sterndrive models to be launched in Australasia by the end of the year.