About Us

 Hyundai Motors New Zealand are the importer and distributor for NZ as well as its neighbouring pacific islands including Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Samoa and Tonga. 

The Hyundai brand has grown so rapidly as a global automotive powerhouse, it’s easy to forget that we’re a local business. Hyundai New Zealand is 100% kiwi owned and each and every one of our Hyundai dealerships are 100% NZ operated.

Hyundai SeasAll International is a corporate venture network of the Hyundai Motor Company. After four years of development Hyundai SeasAll started commercial operations in 2009.

Hyundai SeasAll's goal is setting a new paradigm of marine inboard diesels for all seas by fully applying Hyundai powertrain technologies and thoroughly understanding the marine business.

Market need and trend
Light & compact. Fuel efficient. Exceed industry emission and noise requirements.

Hyundai's R&D center is located in Hwasung City, Gyounggi Province with nearly 8,000 engineers and 2,000 as powertrain engineers. Bare engines are developed by the Hyundai Motor Company factory and will be some of the world’s best newly developed automobile diesels which will range from 1 to 12 litres. Excellent fuel efficiency, compact size and light weight over competition. Wide range of flat torque characteristic so easy to drive.